Portland Metro Reptile Expo - January 18, 2014
Show this weekend! - August 13, 2013
2013 Cornsnakes - June 24, 2013

Portland Metro Reptile Expo
Posted January 18, 2014 by Brice Logan
We will be at the Portland Metro Reptile Expo TODAY!! It is in a new location, at the Columbia Conference Center at the Holiday Inn by the Portland Airport.... Hope to see you there!!

Show this weekend!
Posted August 13, 2013 by Brice Logan
To this weekend’s Portland Metro Reptile Expo in Wilsonville, OR, we will be bringing 294 reptiles!! Including 20 Leopard Geckos, 4 African Fat-Tail Geckos, 19 Crested Geckos, 2 Honduran Milk Snakes, 1 Ball Python and 248 Cornsnakes.
We will have 38 Cornsnake Morphs available including:
2013 Hatchlings
Morph Sex (Male.Female.Unsexed)
Amber 1.0.0
Amber Motley/Stripe 2.3.0
Amber Stripe 0.1.1
Amelanistic 10.8.1
Amelanistic Motley 0.1.1
Amelanistic Stripe 2.5.5
Amelanistic ZigZag 3.3.0
Anerythristic 2.1.0
Anerythristic Motley 0.1.0
Anerythristic Striped 0.1.0
Bloodred 10.7.1
Bloodred Amelanistic (aka Fire) 1.2.3
Bloodred Anerythristic (aka Granite) 3.2.0
Bloodred Charcoal (aka Pewter) 3.1.5
Bloodred Ghost 5.3.5
Bloodred Hypomelanistic 1.2.1
Bloodred Snow (aka Avalanche) 1.0.0
Butter 4.1.5
Butter Motley 1.0.1
Candy Cane (Orange) 2.0.0
Caramel 3.4.1
Caramel Stripe 2.2.0
Charcoal 2.0.0
Fluorescent Orange 7.5.2
Ghost 7.2.2
Ghost Motley 1.0.0
Hypomelanistic Stripe 1.1.0
Lavender 5.0.4
Opal 0.0.1
Opal ZigZag 0.0.1
Snow 1.2.1
Snow Coral 8.7.0
Snow Stripe 2.3.1
Standard 16.12.1
Stripe 3.3.0
Ultramel Caramel Motley (aka Golddust Motley) 1.0.0

2012 Hatchlings
Morph Sex (Male.Female)
Butter 0.1
Ghost 0.1

Hope to see you there!!

2013 Cornsnakes
Posted June 24, 2013 by Brice Logan
Spring and now Summer has been extremely busy around here. We will have more updates soon, however we wanted to let everyone know that we currently have 277 Cornsnakes hatched, with 158 ready for sale and 119 ready with a few more meals. Oh, and we have more clutches hatching almost daily!!

Posted February 18, 2013 by Brice Logan
He have updated our availability and are working on bringing all of the breeders sections up-to-date. All we have available right now are 2 male 2012 Hatchling Ball Pythons which are 100% Double Het. for Clown & Piebald!! We will have more reptiles available this Spring!!

Portland Metro Reptile Expo Tomorrow!
Posted January 25, 2013 by Brice Logan
We will be at the Portland Metro Reptile Expo in Wilsonville, OR this weekend. Hope to see you there!



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